Who We Are

Theatre III is Acton’s foremost and oldest community theatre, established in 1955 in the former West Acton Universalist Church building at 250 Central Street, next to the West Acton fire house. Theatre III is a non-profit organization, fully operated by hard-working, dedicated (and fun-loving) volunteers.

Street Address
250 Central Street
West Acton, MA
(978) 263-9070

Mailing Address
P.O. Box 931
Acton, MA 01720

Theatre III Board of Directors

President:  Rich Grossman
President Emeritus:  Tom Wachtell
Treasurer:  Don Oliver
Executive Producer:  Linda Minkoff
Set Coordinator: Kevin Cassidy
Membership/Development:  Pam Furnace, Brian Schimpf
Marketing/Publicity Coordinator:  Sandy Armstrong, Linda Minkoff
Webmaster:  Tom Ryder
Assistant Treasurer/Subscriptions: Mike Repeta, John Murphy
Program Coordinator:  Sandy Armstrong
Makeup Coordinator:  Annette Dior
TIII Historian / Properties Coordinator:  Margot Grossman
Theatrical Properties and House Manager:  Marlene Wachtell
Technical Properties:  Evan Kelly
Artistic Director/Production:  Ed and Shahn Knights
Costume Coordinator:  Donna Plummer
Buildings and Grounds:  Jamie Watt