Co directors; Shahn and Ed knights
Music Direction; Div Slomin

Monday May 19, Tuesday, May 20, callbacks Wednesday, May 21 Auditions will
start at 7 pm

Please come with 32 bars of prepared music.  You may be asked to sing in
harmony during the first audition night or at callbacks.  You will be
required to participate in a movement audition at call backs so please come
with appropriate footwear.   Accompanist available for auditions

The part of Amy will be double cast with a younger girl NO younger that 12
and her older self.

All parts for Jo, Meg, Beth, Amy, and Laurie need to be 15 and older and be
able to look older over time.  Parents of actors younger than 16 will be
required to attend rehearsals.  There is a small ensemble of 8-10.

Readings from the script will be at call backs only.

Vocal ranges:

Meg, soprano Asharp3-Gflat5

Beth, soprano, A3-G5

Amy, Soprano/ mix Cflat4-Gflat5

Jo, Mezzo / belt mix E3-A5

Laurie, tenor Bflat 2-Bflat4

John Brook, baritone/tenor Cflat3-Fsharp4

Bhaer, baritone G2-Fsharp4

Marmee, alto/mezzo/belt Eflat3-Eflat5

Aunt March, mezzo with high notes E3-F5

Mr. Lawrence, baritone Bflat2-E4

Miss Kirk, soprano D4-G4

Meg March - 17- 22, oldest of the 4 sisters, motherly, demure, sensible, first to leave to fall in love and I eave the family hone Jo March - 16- 20,  2 nd oldest sister, frustrated, creative, spirited, falls in love with Professor Bhaer who is 15-20 years her senior Beth March - 15 - 18, 3rd sister, soft spoken, loved music, plays piano, caring, empathic, dies due to scarlet fever Amy March - 12 and 18-20, youngest sister and will cast with two people.                                                                                                 She starts out about 12 and ends up 18-20 years old.  She wants to marry marry rich, is a painter, and causes mischief among the sisters. Laurie - 17-24, in love with Jo, ends up marrying Amy.  Neighbor and friend to all the sisters and family.  Kind, educated, energetic, lonely - his family is deceased and he has come to live with his grandfather Mr. Lawrence. Mr. Lawrence - 45 - 60, starts out gruff and softens, lost his daughter (Laurie's mother) which caused him to become hard at the surface.  He is loving nonetheless. John Brook - early 20's, falls for Meg, Laurie's tutor, educated, kind, gentle. Professor Bhaer - mid 30's-40.  German scholar and tutor, gentle, intelligent, patient Falls for Jo and is her biggest supporter. Marmee - mother of 4 daughters, mid 40's to 50, strong believer in women's rights, encouraging of her daughters and caught in very strict social constructs of time.  Wants her daughters to marry well, have good character, and stating sense of self. Kind and loving. Aunt March -   55+, very well off, does not have much patience for Marmee's way of parenting, proper, critical. Miss Kirk - 18- 22, friend of older girls, sophisticated, proper, feels sorry for March girls. Roles also included are additional male friends of Laurie, and the characters in one of Jo's stories which is a considerably large musical number. These parts will be cast as part of the ensemble for the skating party and the coming out party.
Rehearsals will start in early June, and accommodate actors schedule over
the summer.  Full rehearsals 3-4 times a week will start September 2, 2014.

Production dates are  October 10, 11, 17,18,19 (matinee), 24,25, 26
(matinee),  Tech week is October 5-8 including full dress rehearsals.  These
dates are mandatory.  Please bring a picture to the auditions.

Please contact Shahn Knights at for additional